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Keto chocolate stuffed coconut & tahini coconut balls

So quick and easy, sticky consistency, can be used as breakfast on-the-go or filling little snacks!

Dessicated coconut is my favourite keto base for baking (in case you hadn’t guessed!). These little bombs are just the ticket for on the go balls that will fill you up no matter what your eating plan - be it an eat everything plan or a keto, paleo, specific carbohydrate or a sugar-free diet.

15 mins

1.5 cups dessicated coconut

1 tblsp tahini

1 egg

2 tblsp unsweetened plant (almond is my choice) milk

1 tiny weeny pinch ground stevia powder (if you overdo it you get that stevia after-taste so keep it tiny for a hint of sweetness)  

100% montezuma chocolate slab bashed into little pieces 

Mix everything together - consistency should be damp sticky! Add more coconut if it feels too wet or a little more almond milk if too dry.

Make into little golf balls. 

If you want your balls without chocolate, pop them straight into a greaseproof sheet in oven. If you want the warm, gooey chocolate centre, push one of your little pieces into the centre of each ball, re-rolling it in your hands to make sure it’s all covered with the coconut mixture. 

Bake for 12 mins at 180C until browning.

Eat warm or put in fridge for cold treats (note if eating cold the choccie will harden up again).


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