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The Kinder Plan

Group Programs

It starts with our Signature Program, The Kinder Plan and from there you can choose any topic-based Program.

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Our easy Signature Program designed for a busy woman!

4 weeks of energising, "Kinder" menus and recipes, webinars & motivational Q&As to get you to achieve better energy, clarity & vitality.



 4 Weeks of Gut Support: Education, Microbiome & Digestion-boosting menus and support.



A Program to educate and to help you put changes into place to support your hormone changes.



A Program to educate and help you understand the link between emotions and food habits.

We've designed these Programs for individuals who want to improve their health but may not be able to access or may not desire an individualised therapeutic plan. The programs aim to provide cost-effective, group support over a period of time without the unique, individualised detail that 1:1 Nutrition Coaching provides. You can choose to run through the plans at set times with others (this may help with accountability and motivation) or solo as a self-paced plan (this may be more flexible for busy diaries).

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