Make your own Oat or Almond Milk (easy and tenth of the price of shop-bought!)

 am making oat and almond cream & milk and it’s actually incredibly easy and therapeutic - particularly handy when you have a lot of muslin cloths to hand!


💥Oats contain soluble fibre that can bind to toxins in the gut helping with their excretion.

💥The beta-glucans in oats are associated with reducing cholesterol and overall cardiovascular health. 

💥The soluble fiber in jumbo is truly satiating - it is hard to eat more than 30g of soaked oats and be hungry within 3 hours. 

💥Many IBS ers / coeliac or gluten-free-ers can be sensitive to grains including oats due to hyper-reactive gut wall cells. If this is you, soaking them overnight in water (keep covered in fridge) then rinsing them before doing anything with them may truly help. 

💥A study with oats eaten daily for breakfast for short and long-term reduced body fat, hyperglycaemia and risk of diabetes, whilst increasing weight loss efforts in overweight individuals (Li et al. 2016) Directions for Milk: ✅100g jumbo oats (gluten free for us, water-soaked overnight then rinsed) (replace with almonds for almond milk!) ✅500ml water (900ml if you want milk not cream). ✅Pinch of Sea salt (Can add Vanilla or cinnamon or cacao or any other spice at this point if you’d like to flavour it!) Blend ➡️Strain through muzzie . . . #nutrition #tenaday #herbalhealth #nutritionaltherapy