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My month as a Vegan Ketotarian: Day 1

Snack day 1. May need to rethink approach before this costs me my mortgage! 

We really wanted to see what this whole vegan affair looked like and so took on the challenge of a month as a vegan. To summarise some of the key findings I thought it best to publish what day one looked like for us as a vegan, and then the final day, with a summary of thoughts and findings. Firstly, here is Day 1. At this point we wanted to still try to maintain our keto state. It is fair to say we struggled and by midday we were out of ketosis. I will wrote about this a little more when I publish the final day in my next blog... for now, see how we got on and what we ate on day 1:

Day 1 👉8:30a.m.: Feels good to start the day with a green smoothie of kale, spinach, kiwi and almond milk after months of eggs for breakfast. Advocating changes to the daily diet doesn’t always mean you do it yourself so this was a reality check!. 👉10 a.m: Easy to snack on sugary “vegan” products, even the most “natural” of which tend to be full of dates. 👉10:45 a.m: After 15 min of wandering the aisles I see it can easily become bloody expensive if you don’t clearly plan what you’re going to have when out and about and want to avoid a high sugar snack (as above). Ended up spending £9 on a “snack” in Waitrose of a small broad-bean salad, olives and a green juice. Oops. 👉11:45 a.m.: Hungry. Really hungry. After the above plus a black decaf coffee instead of usual creamy decaf I haven’t had an eighth of the fat I would usually have in a day. I am certainly out of ketosis and really hungry. Starving now actually. 👉12:05: Lunch...i had planned for this so have my homemade Balancore flax crackers with “smashed” avocado (that’s just mashed avocado) with fermented red cabbage; sauerkraut-esque. Drizzled each with expensive cold pressed olive oil which I could drink as it’s so yummy. Great lunch. 👉3 p.m.: Pukka Ginger & Apple tea. A whole long cucumber (from father-in-law’s garden) dipped in basil pesto (nutritional yeast replaced the Parmesan). 7:30 p.m.: Feeling low and hungry. Why? Perhaps body’s reaction to much less saturated fat (usually would have had about 4 creamy coffees, grass-fed butter and homemade mayonnaise by now throughout the day). Eat small bowl soaked chia and desiccated coconut with almond milk whilst cooking dinner - was supposed to be dessert but never mind! 8 p.m.: Homemade Plant burgers (peanut, avocado, edamame beans, summer squash, chillis, flax seeds, cumin, coriander, black pepper, Celtic sea salt) which fell apart but tasted great! With broccoli and carrots drizzled in olive oil. 👉10 p.m: Chamomile tea musings. Bit hungry and don’t feel as satisfied as I should. 

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