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Balancore is a Personal Nutrition and Wellbeing group set up by Nutritionist Charlotte Kinder Kinder (BSc Nutritional Therapy, mBANT, CNHC).


We focus on nutrition and lifestyle assessments, lab testing, group programs and team workshops for busy women struggling with their gut, hormones or energy.

Charlotte trained for 10 years to specialise in nutrition for gut and hormone health having suffered from chronic symptoms throughout her 20s and early 30s. Having fully healed through implementing kinder nutrition and lifestyle changes,

Charlotte and her team now use 1-1 consultations and functional testing to understand the source of health issues, analysing your whole physiology to empower long-term habit change.


In 2020, Charlotte started to run workshops for organisations and companies, as well as Wellbeing Retreats. The recent launch of our signature group program The Kinder Plan aims "to make healthy change accessible to the many women who need it". Take a look and join us!.

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