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An easy way to be healthy: Create a personal wellbeing change plan to see changes in your vitality,

How many times have you tried to be healthy or to lose weight, only to get through the first week of January and felt that life it just too short - what's the point in continuing with the slog? We've all been there - read on, as no matter who you are, the below will help you see better health in the future.

In my former career I was a "change manager" where I established corporate interventions (e.g. communications, training, support) that helped minimise negative impacts of any changes that were occurring within an organisation so that the change could be both positive and sustainable. In this situation, a change may be that someone's work responsibilities are changing, or that a merger is happening and new processes need to be established. Either way, we would pave the way for an easier journey for them.

Moving into the Wellbeing and Nutrition industry in 2015, I assumed that my 10 years of change management was behind me. I couldn't have been more wrong. The more I work with new clients, the more I see that the ONLY truly successful dietary, fitness and emotional health changes we see in our clients at Balancore, is in those who have created a strong personal wellbeing change plan.

It supports and guides you through the journey from where you are today, to where you want to be, giving you reason to change and methods to do so. It sets the "why" for you to be healthier. It identifies compelling incentives that matter to you, that will encourage you to continue working on your wellbeing - be that going to the gym, eating more veggies, cutting out crisps. It plans for your time, your beliefs and values. It provides you with a network of support. It enables you to hit natural obstacles or set-backs without them throwing you off-path back to zero. It is your path to success.

"The ONLY truly successful dietary, fitness and emotional health changes we see in our clients at Balancore, is in those who have created a strong personal wellbeing change plan."

1. Create your vision: Where are you now versus where you want to be and by when. This is your "why". Why are you wanting or needing to change into a healthier person?

2. Set goals: Create short term, measurable goals for you to easily aim for and measure success against.

3. Get support: Identify your support network. This may be 2-10 people or more who will hold you accountable to your goals and actions.

4. Be true to yourself: Work out what you enjoy doing and how these actions link back to your wellbeing goals.

5. Plan: Plan the activities that most link to your wellbeing into your working week - realistically setting aside the time you have available. Remembering that 2 minutes is better than nothing.

6. Be accountable: Set up accountability meetings where you need to check in with your support network to see how you are doing against your short-term goals, and your overall vision.

7. Prepare to fail: Part of every change may involve some set-backs as a natural cycle of life. Without these set-backs, we don't learn and we may continue to make mistakes until we eventually fall hard. If we prepare and plan for failure, recognising that it's ok and part of the journey, a failure to succeed won't mean that we ourselves feel like a failure, simply that we have hit a bump in the road that we need to climb. No problem.

And that's it. It takes 20 minutes of your time to create a personal change plan. A plan that will set you up for a lifetime of wellbeing.Click on the button below to download your Personal Wellbeing Change Plan template and set yours today

Balancore Personal Wellbeing Change Plan

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