Good Guinness Cakes

Guinness cakes 🧡 Even my husband said these were awesome despite them being Guinness, gluten, grain and sugar free! So not actually Guinness cakes at all...but do you have a better name?


💥100g Desiccated coconut

💥30g Raw Cacao Powder

💥2 tblsp Enzy Vanilla Protein Powder

💥1/2 tsp Stevia Powder 

💥50g coconut oil 

💥1/2 tsp Grated raw ginger

💥1 tblsp any soft sweet fruit purée (we choose fresh mango but could use any to your liking)

💥1 egg (remove if choosing the raw recipe) 

Topping: 💥4 tblsp coconut cream (either use coconut cream or the creamy top of the canned milk) 

💥Cinnamon powder sprinkle

☝️Rub everything apart from egg together until a nice paste is formed.