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Get Guava goodness - reducing cholesterol, glucose & bad bacteria

We've just been doing some research on bad-cholesterol known as vLDL (very low density lipoproteins, linked to heart disease and inflammatory issues) and the foods that help to lower it...and some great stuff has popped up on guava.

This little fruit seems to be packed full of antioxidants that fight damaging toxins and inflammation, as well as the phytochemical quercetin which supports IBS management (it has antispasmodic effects) . It has also been shown to fight off pathogens in the gut such as E.coli, and has also been associated with lowering blood glucose - reducing the risk of getting or worsening diabetes. Finally, it has also been noted as fighting the Streptoccocus mucans bacteria associated with tooth decay.

I have found guava in Ripe Market in Abu Dhabi and will be eating one a day this week. Will report back!

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