Are you prepared to change?

One of the most widely applied models of behaviour change in health is the transtheoretical model (TTM) which identifies 5 successive stages of change: Precontemplation > Contemplation > Preparation > Action > Maintenance. For successful change, we move from one stage to the next, progressing gently through each stage.

We are always in a stage of change - be it about exercise habits, our relationships, our self-acceptance, and all non-fixed aspects of our lives. Which stage do you think you're in?


Who are you? You have no intention of making a change, whether through lack of awareness, information or through previous failure. You may believe that your excess weight around the middle simply "runs in the family", or that "it's hopeless". You tend to avoid reading, talking, or thinking about your unhealthy habits.

During this stage your interest may be sparked by outside influences, such as media, adverts, emotional experiences, illness, or a friend's concern.

How can you move to the next stage? You sense that the unhealthy habits are at odds with important personal goals, for example, not being healthy enough to play with your children or grandchildren. Or not fit enough to travel to new places.