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A Kinder Nutritionist

There is no need to suffer from digestive issues, low energy or haywire hormones. You can enjoy food and feel good in your body. Nutrition coaching for busy women who need support.



1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Unique and detailed virtual assessment and coaching with Charlotte on a rolling monthly plan. For those suffering from symptoms that may require lab testing and deeper analysis.




Join our regular group coaching including our Signature Program "The Kinder Plan", rolling every other month for a maximum of 6 participants at a time. Our group plans enable you to understand your concerns and support them with menus, tools, webinars and so much more.

Workshops & Retreats

Interactive sessions for teams or groups who will benefit from learning more about nutrition for their gut, hormones, sleep, stress or a health topic that may suit your objectives.


Meet Charlotte

Is it the right fit for you?

Hear from Balancore's Wellbeing lead & Nutritionist, Charlotte Kinder (mBANT, BSc NT) to see whether she may be the right fit for you.

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