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Balancore is a unique wellbeing consultancy focusing on Nutrition, Lifestyle and Movement for wellness.

Charlotte Kinder, (Nutritional Therapy BSc, mBANT) uses Nutritional Therapy consultations and testing to finely assess your health, diet and lifestyle and empowers long-term daily habit change.

Find Balancore Nutrition and Wellness Clinics across Edinburgh:

@Nourish_at @TheMovementHouse, Leith | @Fior_Clinic, Stockbridge | @PortobelloNaturalHealth, Portobello 

This is the future of personal wellness. The "Balancore team connect researched behaviour change techniques with how you eat, move, think and live. Using a Functional Medicine approach alongside an integration of Pilates principles is a truly holistic, balanced approach that inspires you to better health from within."


Balancore is enabling better health and wellbeing.

We bring together


and BEHAVIOUR CHANGE techniques

for individuals and groups

who want to feel better.

in 2007, working

as a Behaviour Change Consultant in the city,

these science-backed practices helped me to heal from

chronic health issues I had

developed through years of not listening to my body,

including IBS, fatigue, acne and social anxiety.

Seeing such a "miraculous"  change in my

own health pushed me to get degree-certified in

Nutritional Therapy and a Pilates teacher qualification

to complement my existing Behaviour Change practices.

As part of my role, I soon started to develop and deliver in-house corporate wellness solutions such

as group workshops, in-house habit trackers and corporate communications.

On qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist in 2016, I started to use individual therapy for

one-to-one wellbeing through food, movement and lifestyle changes.

Today, Balancore is supporting groups and individuals across the world

suffering from a specific wellbeing concern or who just want to feel "better".

We use a personal approach which is so important in functional medicine.,

where every "body" is unique. 

We offer specific programs for the gut, detoxification, fat-loss and for general wellness, working face-to-face in our Edinburgh clinics or virtually over Facetime/Skype. For corporate clients, we come to you.

So, wherever you are in the world, welcome you to get in touch

for a free introductory call. You won't know if we can help you unless you ask!.

Warm regards,


Charlotte Kinder

Wellbeing Director

mBANT, BSc Nutritional Therapy

Are you a practitioner who wants to partner with us?

Fellow NTs, PTs, GPs, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Herbalists

are all welcome to get in touch to see if we an collaborate. 

We link with global health specialists and professionals from across the 4 FEEL Corners of Wellbeing.

Get in touch to be part of our recommended network.

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