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Balancore is a unique wellbeing consultancy that focuses on nutrition, lifestyle and movement changes for those who are

suffering from burnout created by a desire to achieve and succeed. This is so often women in the workplace or in the home, socially or on the sports field who feel over-burdened, exhausted and who are often struggling with health concerns such as poor gut health, low energy, cravings, mood swings, poor skin health, an irregular cycle or perimenopause symptoms as a result. 

Charlotte and team use Nutritional Therapy consultations, workshops, programs and functional testing to finely assess the source of your concerns, analysing your health, diet and lifestyle and empowering long-term habit changes.

"This is surely the future of health! Charlotte is a rare gem and an absolute life-changer. I found her through a recommendation from a friend when I was struggling to get the help I needed through my GP. Charlotte took the time and interest to look into my medical history with great detail and was able to quickly identify some common themes that had been missed. The plan we came up with was easy to implement and ultimately far more effective than I even dared to hope; after months of feeling awful I began to feel better, my energy levels are up and I am starting to feel like myself again. I cannot recommend her enough - I encourage everyone I meet who’s struggling with ongoing health to give her a call because it really did change my life." Helen - Scotland

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