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Celery & Coconut Passion

Today’s refreshing raw smoothie bowl. In the warm weather this refreshing, low sugar combo is delectably delicate. 

We have added 

👌Half a small passion fruit (about half a teaspoon) to flavour 

👌2 sticks of celery plus its leaves (the antioxidant-rich bits!), 

👌Half a can of coconut milk water (i.e. the mostly-water left overs you get once the creamy bit is scraped off) 

👌a heaped teaspoon of smooth tahini

👌 a large handful of ice

Blend, as a sprinkle of your desire (try a few whole passion seeds and some crunchy nuts, seeds or cemetery bits along with some fresh mint and rosemary to garnish. Enjoy!

N.B. This is totally #keto friendly once you’re already in a steady state of keto OR as a post workout boost if you’re trying to get into ketosis. If you find you are very sensitive to fructose then as always you can swap the passionfruit for 1/4 tsp stevia, or remove altogether if you have particularly sweet coconut water. 

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