Reduce Diastasis Recti just 5 days after giving birth

The post pregnancy tummy can stop people from exercising immediately after giving birth, but these 5 techniques can be started 5 days after giving birth, reducing effects of diastasis recti.

All exercises can be repeated 8 times only.

1. Exhale, draw in, pull up.

PREPARATION: Set a reminder every hour to take these breaths. Take a deep inhale.

THE MOVEMENT: Exhale to draw your belly button into the spine and upwards towards the rib cage. Don't bend forwards, stay erect and upright. Hold for 3 seconds.

2. Practice a basic chin nod.

PREPARATION: Lie on your back, place one hand behind head/neck and one hand on your middle - placing the palm at bottom of the ribcage and your fingers pointing down towards tummy button. Inhale to prepare.

THE MOVEMENT: Exhale as you draw your head off the mat, nodding your chin towards your chest (leave a tennis ball-sized gap between your chin and your chest). At the same time, draw in your tummy button towards the spine. You may be able to feel your diastasis recti underneath your middle fingers. Hold for 3 secs, inhale to release back down.