The core isn't boring...

Ever pulled a muscle doing the simplest of tasks? Or perhaps you've lost your balance when walking up the stairs or getting out of the shower?

You could put it down to overdoing it on the wakeboard, or to losing your footing on the stairs. But if you're struggling with an unexplained back strain or loss of balance, it's very likely that your core is to blame.

Every girl knows that it's the first place to target if you want to go back to a "normal routine" post pregnancy. And any man who wants to avoid the Homer Simpson tummy, or indeed to keep swinging a 3 wood into their 50s should know that the core needs to be a key focus (a huge percentage of men suffering from back issues sourced them on the sports field whilst women are more likely to get pain from daily activity, particularly post-partum).

Core training is not new. It's just been talked about so much that it's deemed boring. However it shouldn't be. In fact, as the pillar of our inner and outer health, the core should actually be the most exciting part of any training. It steadies our balance, supports effective breathing and precision which relieves stress and builds confidence. It also defines the shape, tone and strength of the abs and lower back. It's the muscular dream ticket.

So, I've outlined a few quick exercises below that are more interesting than your planks and crunches, with the biggest bang for your buck within 6 weeks.