Breakfast within 40 minutes of waking for a healthier day

There are mixed messages around morning fasting and green smoothie routines these days, which often makes it easier to just avoid the concept of breakfast altogether. However, if you're looking to reduce weight or stress, balance blood sugars or hormones and basically have a better day, eating within 40 minutes after waking may be the answer.

Why? Stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) should be at their highest at the start of the day when you wake to get you out of bed with a bang. These hormones give you energy by pushing glucose into the blood and inhibiting the non-important bodily functions such as the reproductive system.

However if you don't eat anything at the start of the day when they're high to bring them back to an even keel, or if you choose to have a high sugar or high caffeine meal or drink instead, you'll actually increase their already high levels, and instead of balancing them they'll spike, creating an insulin response and rendering you irritable, hungry and or sleepy within the next couple of hours.

After a year or so of this, you willl actually strain your cortisol levels so much that they'll become unbalanced, drained and confused, and it won't be long before you'll be in a cycle of poor sleep and feel like you've been hit by a sledgehammer when you wake in the morning. Sound familiar?

When looking to lose weight, balance stress levels, manage insulin and glucose blood spikes, reduce cravings and feel better, it's critical you think about your morning routine and with that, ensure you take on your first "break" to your overnight fast within 40 minutes of waking that is full of complex, balancing, whole nutrients such as fibrous carbohydrates and proteins. Think