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“Healthy employees mean happy customers.”

The return on investment in workplace wellness initiatives is now widely acknowledged as value on investment...

The data for Workplace Wellness is not a direct, quantitative arithmetic of input = output + ROI.

However, there is a more prudent ROI that is based on value-add to the employee. The company is not only aiming to reduce sick leave and increase productivity by healthier, more focused and happier employees, but workplace wellness also improves the employee offerings package, making it a better place to work, thereby increasing retention.


The facts outlined in the Stevenson/Farmer review (2017)  remain consistent with the view that preventative care needs to be prioritised in the workplace:

  • 15.4 annual working days are lost due to stress and anxiety

  • Mental health costs the UK £100 billion annually

  • 1 in 4 British workers is affected by emotional-health-related conditions every year

  • 95% of employees calling in sick with stress gave a different reason

  • Around half of all long-term sick leave in the UK is due to stress, depression and anxiety (1)


(1) Figures sourced from Mental Health at Work and Thriving at Workreview , October 2017. (Last Accessed March 2019).


Balancore supports the preventative care approach by providing Employee Wellness initiatives across the spectrum of wellness. We specialise in 1 to 1 Employee Nutrition Clinics for in-house employee-focused nutrition management as well as Workshops for Nutritional Therapy, Exercise and Movement, Emotional Health and Lifestyle Habits. We can also provide a consultant partner to help you develop a stand-out Wellbeing Strategy.

We can work with your HR/People/Benefits team to align to your wellness KPIs.

Our workshops can be focused based on your company values and wellness objectives, or pick from our core content.

1-1 therapy for your employees to boost their company loyalty, productivity and daily contentment at work.


In-house nutrition clinics and advice for businesses and corporate clients that focus on the health and wellbeing of employees and staff.


We deliver 30-90 minute engaging and action-focused Wellness Workshops directly to employees and/or to your HR Benefits or Wellness team. Topics cover:

  • FOOD:

  • Nutritional tips at your desk.

  • Food for fat loss.

  • Food for cardiovascular risk.

  • Female/Male nutrition.

  • Food for the mind.

  • Food for anxiety.


  • Posture Perfecting.

  • Exercise for Better Health. 

  • HIIT for business.


  • Reduce & Manage Stress.

  • Wellness Goals & Habits.

  • Mental Health Awareness. 


  • Wellbeing Planning.

  • Lifestyle Habits.



We share tools that your HR Benefits team, Wellness team or your employees can use to support work-site wellbeing:

  • Food diary template. Sample Recipes to form a Recipe database.

  • Exercise and Posture programs. 

  • Emotional health and stress management habits toolkit. 

  • Lifestyle habits planner. 


You can choose to partner with us to help develop your integrated Employee Wellbeing Program. We would help you incorporate and align your corporate values with all wellbeing interventions.

Whilst we have a standardised approach to partnership, we recognise that every company is unique in their employee and organisational needs, and so we work collaboratively with HR teams and leadership to develop a plan for sustainable employee wellbeing.

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